Bourjois City Radiance Review (foundation+concealer)

by - 6/08/2016

This is a pretty new product from Bourjois cosmetics. I have been using it for about three months and I have some things to share.
The foundation is 30ml and costs about 13euros and the concealer is about 7euros.


Foundation features:
  • Brightening formula
  • Fresh (not to agressive) water flower fragrance
  • Hydrating
  • Looks glowy on skin
  • Provides perfect hold throughout the day
  • Light, breathable texture
  • Protects from urban pollution with an anti-pollution screen
  • SPF 30 sun protection (sun protection)
  • 6 shades

There are 6 shades as I alredy mentioned and I have one in number 2. The formulation is pretty thick but the coverage is medium (you can build it up a lot). It feels very light on the skin and when you apply it it gives you a healthy glow. Besides pretty nice coverage it looks very natural and I got a lot of compliments on my skin while wearing it. Number 2 is a perfect match for my skin (on the picture I swatched it on my hand and we usually have darker skin on the hands). It doesn't stay on the face all day long, but practically no foundation does. I fixed it up with a fixing /translucent powder and that way it stayed on just well (have in mind that that way the glow is gone). I would totally recomend it to people with dry to normal skin, but for those with oily skin this is a no-no! 


Concealer features:
  • Brightening formula
  • Fresh (not to agressive) water flower fragrance
  • Hydrating
  • Looks glowy on skin
  • Medium coverage
  • 3 shades
I have the concealer in number 2 (there are 3 existing shades). I do not really like this product...don't get me wrong I'm gonna use it up but I will not repurchase it. The reason is mainly in shade collection. In every other concealer I'm usually a medium shade so I bought this one...wrong. But looking at a shade number 1 I am not that shade eather. The pailest shade is practically white and looks good on only really pale people or only under the eyes. I personally like to use concealer under my eyes and sometimes for blemishes and the lightest one wouldn't work...however this one is way to dark/orange on my skin. I could get away using it around my eyes but not anywhere else.
If you have dry skin I would say it is worth trying it in the store to see how the shades match you; the product is light coverage and very hydrating.

    (On the top is foundation and on the bottom is concealer.)

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