Eyebrow routine

by - 6/22/2016

Today I would like to share my eyebrow routine and the products I use. First of all I would like to say that I personally don't like the ''overly drawn out eyebrow'' and I am also not a fan of a very natural eyebrows-so a middle way is my way to go. Don't get me wrong some people can rock very natural bushy eyebrows or very bold ones, but that is just not the look I am going for.

For my eyebrows I use products from MUD (Make-up Designory). This is a high quality brand that sels online and in their stores. They carrie makeup for MUAs (Makeup artists) and everyday users, but also give study coarses for future MUAs. This is also a makeup school that I visited (MUD graduates get some discount on their perchuses), but that is a story for another day.

Products I use:
- MUD brow fix €21.95
- MUD brush #210 Angle liner €24.00
- MUD eyeshadow (refill) €15.50

 I like to take some eyeshadow on an angled brush and carefully start drawing the individual hair that is missing in my eyebrows. I start in the middle of my brows because starting at the front would make eyebrows look to stif and very unnatural. I make them lighter in the front and darker in the other areas (center, arch, tail).

When I am satisfied with the look I take my browfix and I coat my eyebrows generously. This will make them stay in place and last eyeshadow longer. As a person that has problems keeping eyebrows looking ''on fleek'' because of the sweat in humid weather I really recommend browfix, it's the only product that I found working (but I must say thet I haven't tried ever so popular anastasia beverly hills pomades).

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