Travel essentials for summer (non make-up)

by - 7/03/2016

Summer is a time of making beuatiful memories, making new friends and just relaxing. Although I like to take some time off my usual makeup/beauty routine I feel like it is still important to take care of our skin and hair. This are some of my ''beauty'' travel essentials for the summer.

-BALEA Water spray (wasser spray)
This is essentialy water in a spray bottle, but because of the preassure that it's under (like a deodorant) it stays cool even in the humid weather. I like to take this with me to the beach or keeping it with me when it is hot outside. It keeps you feeling fresh and ''avake''. It costs about 1,5 euros.
(tip: Try keeping it in the fridge for a couple of hours and the water will be even cooler).

-SUN DANCE sunscreen 
This one is obvious, but still a product that we should not forget. I always keep a little sunscreen in my bag to protect skin from harmful UV rays. This one from SUN Dance has an SPF of 30 and costs only about 2,5-3 euros.

-NIVEA fresh flower deodorant (mini)
I always feel better when I smell nice so taking with me a little deodorant is a must. This is a mini size I got as a gift. It smells like very sweet flowers and it's great because it deosn't have any aluminium in it.
For those of you who don't know...aluminium salts, that are in deodorants are very bad for us. They have been associated with Breast Cancer, kidney problems and many try to stay away from it. Latelly a lot of brands started producing deodorants withought the problematic substance and there are always natural alternatives.

-BALEA hand sanitizer
As a huge germophobe I always keep a handsanitizer with me.

-AVON Advance Techniques Maroccan Argan oil
This one I don't necessarily keep in my bag like other products, but I still feel it is important. I reacently bleached my hair ends, so I am trying to keep them as moisturized as possible. Argan oil is a leave in treatement that I use to rejuvenate my hair. If you have dry ends I would suggest you try something like that. It costs about 5 euros.

I wish you an amazing Summer 2016!

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