DermaluxeLash review

by - 7/21/2016

DermaluxeLash is a lash growth serum that is supposed to make your lashes longer and thicker in 4-6 weeks. It comes in this beautiful package (as you can see on the picture).
It is quite expensive; it costs 40 euros and you can buy it in Mueller, pharmacyes... I got it much cheaper because of a 1+1 deal (a couple of months ago), so I divided the price between me and my friend. I gave it a good try and here is my review.

The product comes in eyeliner looking packaging and you are supposed to apply it on the lid just next to your eyelashes every single day. It has a little thin brush applicator which makes it easy to use.

I took photos every week since the start, but I don't have a before photo.
I already have pretty long lashes so I was wondering how this product will work on me. It is ment to be used only for eyelashes, but I have been using it on my eyebrows aswell. On the photos down below you can actually see the improvement of my eyebrows (don't mind the first photo for my eyebrows-on that photo they are already filled in with makeup). 

I believe that it did an amazing job by lenghtening my eyelashes (on the right photos I did curl my eyelashes and used a mascara, but my routine was always the same (same mascara). 

When I went to holidays for about 2 weeks I forgot the product at home and I noticed some eyelash fallout - to prevent that you need to keep using it every couple of days after reaching a desired look.

Owerall I will say this is a very good product, thet worked miracles for me, however if you have very sensitive eyes stay away from it. I have a friend that had a lot of irrotation problems and we later found out thet this was making it even worse. I didn't have that problem, but I noticed that the skin around the eyes was a little dry the next day (I applied it before going to bed) nothing a little eye/face cream can't fix. So if you have very short lashes or you want thicker eyebrows I would definitely suggest this product, but beware of the possible side effects.


- Helena

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