GARNIER Biphase Micellar water review

by - 7/11/2016

I reacently got a new Garnier Biphase Micellar water that is infused with oil. It is supposed to remove all the makeup (even waterproof), cleanse and soothe the skin withought rinsing. It comes in a 400ml bottle and claims to be for about 200* uses and costs about 7euros.

I use it with a cotton pad to remove my face makeup (sometimes just as a toner) and over all it does the job ok, but it is nothing special. I used to use the classic Garnier Micellar water and this is pretty similar but I have some complaints. I have combination to dry skin, so this is nice because the oil that is in the product moisturises it. I would not recommend it to people with oily skin, although on the bottle it says that it is for all skin types. It isn't supposed to leave greasy finish, but it still leaves a moisturised finish (maybe just a little greasy). It also has a very strong sweet-flowery scent that may irritate your skin if it is sensitive to those kind of things. I also dislike the amounght of ingredients that this product has so if you are trying to minimise them try using the classic Garnier micellar water (it has a lot less of them). 

I also noticed that it stings a little if I put it over an irrotated area, so this is a big No-no for the people with acne prone skin.

Overall I would say that this really depends on your skin. If you have dry or combination skin withought sensitivety problems (because of the scent) this is a nice product, but I would still recommend a classic micellar water more. I didn't find the oil very helpful at removing makeup and I feel like it did pretty simmular job to a classic product. If you have sensitive, oily or acne prone skin stay away from this product.

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