How to: make a face chart

by - 7/16/2016

Face charts are used by the makeup artists to prepare and plan out looks ahead, or just to practice. They are done using actual makeup! So if you need to plan ahead, you know which colors go together.
This is how I do mine, but remember that everyone has a different approach (it also depends a lot on what makeup are you using -powder, creame; quality) 
I get my face charts at Makeup designory (MUD), but you can get them online, in Kabuki (Ljubljana), M.A.C (Trieste) or any other professional makeup store.

1. I prepare my working area, clean brushes, palette knife and a palette (if I am working with cream products)

2. I start by using a little bit of a light cream foundation to define the edges of the facechart. Keep in mind that your brush should contain just a little bit of product (Try on a piece of paper before you actually put it on a facechart). When applying use gentle little strokes and build the intensity slowly.

3. I like to go over the areas with a powder product, this time I was using a bronzer.

4. I used some pink blush on the cheeks and again went over with a bronzer.

5. I defined the eyes with a cream foundation (There are no limits in making facecharts so I used darker foundation as an eyeshadow).

6. The lips were done using a lipstick and just changing the amount of product and preasure

7. Later on I decided that I wanted the eyes to be more defined so I added  an eyeliner (using a liquid eyeliner)

8. I drew the lashes (with a liquid eyeline) and added some eye, nose and lip shading just with watered down eyeliner (imagine using it as a watercolor).

This facechart was just a little practice one, but just so you know those kind of things take quite some time but are in my oppinion worth trying out.


- Helena

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