How to: SFX makeup wound

by - 7/14/2016

Products you need: 
- Artex (kryolan)...Third degree is a simmular product
- MUD CFX wheal (any cream makeup product in simmular colors will do)
- Fake blood (any brand; make sure one is thicker than the other)
- Translucent powder (I have MUD one)
- palette knife and a palette
- stippling sponge
- cotton buds and a sponge (for color application)
- alcohol (to keep thing sanitary)

(you can also help yourself with water activated or instead of artex use liquid latex and tissue paper)

1. Clean the area of application. To use artex you will need a palette knife and a clean palette. Mix the same amount of artex (a & b) on a palette and then apply on the skin with a palette knife. When working with artex you need to act quick, because the product dries in about 5 minutes- sculpt the area to your desire.

2. Apply translucent powder with a sponge (if you use a brush and the area is not complitely dry, you might risk damaging your brushes) and then start to color the area with cream paint.

3. Continue coloring the area, add the red into the creaveses (you can help yourself with the cotton buds)

 4. Add thick blood to the area and then finish the look by adding a little bit of stippling (with a stippling sponge and fake blood)

 5. This is optional, but I added some bruising around the eye and on the forehead.


I will be posting about my SFX mekeup kit soon.

- Helena

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