how to : sfx open leg wound

by - 7/29/2016


First off all I would like to say that this makeup didn't start as a ''how to project'' so I don't have as many pictures for you to follow along, but I am going to try to explain my best.

You will need: 
- Kryolan artex (you can use 3rd degree)
- Liquid latex (any brand)
- thicker fake blood (dark)
- water activated paints (Kryolan aquacolor)
- cotton balls or toilet paper
- palette and a palette knife
(cream paint-optional)
- sponge and a stippling sponge

1. I marked where and what shape I want my wound to be.

2. I mixed equal parts of artex. It is made out of a component A and B, and you should never mix them together in ther pots, because once they are together they will dry into a rubber like texture. That is why I use a clean palette knife and mix them once on the palette.

p.s: artex dries almost skinlike, but if you want to add some color I suggest mixing in some cream color (that is what I did).

3. I apply the product with a palette knife along the lines. I try to blend them outwords and keep the harsh line inside.

4. First I soaked some toilet paper and cotton balls in liquid latex and then applied them into the middle section. I waited until it dried and then applied some more artex (it is not necessary) on top- on the areas where you applied artex you won't be able to use water paint (that explains white spots in the area, makes it look like bones). After that I put some dark red in the corners of the wound. to make it look deeper.

5. I know that this looks so much different than one the previous picture, but trust me it is simple and quick. I started by putting red water activated paint in the middle area using a sponge ( I do not recommend using brushes - if latex is still wet it will ruin them). Then I applied black water paint into the cravases. The last two steps are by using fake blood. I first apply it all over the area using a sponge and after that by use a stippling sponge (it has little holes in it). To finish the makeup I put it around the wound to make it look extra gory and messy.


If you like that kind of gory, sfx tutorials let me know and I might do a video tutorial.

- Helena

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