Travel diary - Grad (castle) Hmeljnik, Otočec (28.12.2016)

by - 12/29/2016

This was our final day in Zagreb and we decided to leave early, because we planned to stop in our homecountry Slovenia, to check out some sights.

While leaving Zagreb, we stopped by lake Jarun and the Arena shopping center, because I wanted to buy a few of NYX makeup products. I ended up buying two liquid lipsticks and an eyeshadow (you can see on the picture down below.

In Slovenia, we first Stopped in Otočec. This castle is now fully renovated and made into a luxury hotel and restaurant, but it is still a very nice place to stop by and take some pictures. 
After that we went  to the Castle/Grad Hmeljnik. This is a castle that is located near Novo Mesto on a hill near the village Gorenje Kamenje. It sits on the hill, but is accessible by car. It is a beautiful sight if you are interested in building ruins. However it is forbiden to go inside, due the poor condition. I am not going to bore you with it's history, because you can look it up yourself. The main things that you need to know is that it was build in 13th century. It is not known excatly when it was abandoned, but it was burned down by the partisans in 1942 in the World War II. I really recommend stopping by even if that isn't your thing.

 NYX Liquid Suede (Vintage)
 NYX Liquid Suede (Soft-spoken)
 Eyeshadow refil (Voodoo)


Thanks for reading and watching!

- Helena

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