Travel diary - Novo Mesto, Samobor, Zagreb (25.12.2016)

by - 12/26/2016


It is finally time for another travel series. Me and my boyfriend decided to spent some days in Zagreb for the Advent time and this is our first day...mainly on the road to Zagreb.

We started pretty early in the morning and did a first stop in Novo Mesto. There we stopped for the lunch and then continued our way the city Samobor. It is a small city, but it is known for their very preserved ruins of Samobor castle. We reallly love exploring medival ruins so that was right up our alley. This one was built in 12th century by the king Otokar II and is quite welll preserved because it was abandoned in the 18th century. It is interesting for us, because it was (for some time) owned by the only slovenian counts- Counts of Celje.

After that we continued with our road trip and arrived to our staying place at about 5 p.m. Before unpacking and cooking dinner, we went for a walk to catch the last sunshine.

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