Travel diary - Zagreb city center, Mirogoj (27.12.2016)

by - 12/27/2016

Today we stayed in the Zagreb city center for a little bit longer, but because I don't want to be a tipical turist we decided to take it slow. First we went for a walk to the famous Mirogoj cemetery, which is known especially for it's beautiful main entrance. It was quite a walk, because there isn't any tram connections to that place. We had a quite weird experiance, because it suddenly started to snow, but it lasted only for about 5 minutes. The weird thing about that was that it was actually pretty warm.

After that we walked all the way to the ''Gornji Grad'' (upper town) just to see the church of Sv. Mark. When we finished the tipical sightseeing we went to the city center and decided to go iceskating. It was awesome, but crowded. We grabed a cup of coffe and a tea and chilled a bit, before heading to main streets to see the christmass lights.

Thanks for reading and watching!

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